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Facts about light air crafts

Almost every pilot that today commands a large commercial plane has started by flying a light aircraft in his early beginnings. There are many types of small airships that you can navigate during the introductory flying lessons. Contrary to the general conception, this category includes helicopters as well. Here are more interesting facts about light air crafts:

Light planes are indeed airy

To be classified as a light aircraft, a floating vessel has to weigh as much as 12,500lb (5,670 kg). A single pound more and you will need a different type of certificate to fly that particular plane. The planes that qualify as light airships include Cessna's propeller-driven air crafts and Beechcraft's planes, which are based on jet power. In this category, you can also find Robinson helicopters and even sports planes or hybrid aircraft.

Small air crafts provide big jobs

Flying lessons might seem a bit costly, especially if flying is not your favorite hobby. However, by mastering this skill, you can obtain high-paying jobs in various fields. Air transportation is used in many industries. With just your license and a few hours of air travel in your inventory, you can become a pilot for passenger or freight transport, medical interventions or just aerial photography. Whatever your area of interest is, you can easily get a fruitful job by flying a small aircraft that serves that industry's purpose.

Airship pilots will never be redundant

Investing in a piloting license could change your life completely. You can use your knowledge and your skill to get a second job as a pilot. Also, in times of financial distress, you can transform it into your full-time occupation by lending your services to large enterprises. The truth is that light aircraft pilots will never become redundant and their experience will always be highly rewarded.