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Where to get a flying experience

Graduating your flying courses is a remarkable feat. However, as most young pilots learn, finding a job with this skill is quite difficult in the beginning. Just like with any other profession, to fly a plane, you will need experience. The paradox is that to get the experience you need to be up in the air, piloting an aircraft no matter how small. If you have just taken up flying light planes, you will need to consider these useful tips, and you might just get your hands on a good job:

Fly for free

Doing voluntary work after just ending your expensive courses does not seem like a good idea to get rid of your debt. However, you could try and pilot small aircraft for free, or for a noble cause. Many foundations and organizations, like the Red Cross, for example, hire intervention pilots who do their work without getting paid. If money is not a stringent worry for you right now, try this method to earn some flying hours under your belt.

Fly on loan

OK, so money is a problem, and you cannot waste your time flying around and collecting debt simultaneously. In this case, your best chance is to start your own business. Contact the bank and ask for an enterprise loan. Next, establish a small company for aerial transport. You can purchase second-hand aircraft or rent new ones to deliver goods or transfer people from one side of the county to the other. It might seem like a further blow to your finances, but this strategy will allow you to earn flying experience and money at the same time.

Postpone flying for a year

Last, but not least, if you cannot get a pilot job from the very beginning, try some alternate positions. Apply for work as a mechanic at one of the local hangars and work your way up from there. You will not get a lot of flying hours at first, but at least you will be around the things that interest you the most: planes and air traveling technology.